Super Art Fight 8 [ ARTICLE ]

This Friday, October 15th, at The Ottobar in Baltimore, Maryland there will be art fight… Super Art Fight to be exact.

So what is Super Art Fight? It’s a wild mixture of pro-wrestling and Pictionary, presented as 30-minute bouts pitting artists from throughout the world of comics, webcomics, roller derby and elsewhere. The bouts start with a set topic given to each artist, and then every five minutes, new topics are given to the artists from “The Wheel of Death”, a randomized topic generator, featuring suggestions from fans cultivated at After 30 minutes, it’s the live audience’s cheers which choose the victor. It’s a barely-contained mixture of artistic mayhem which is unlike anything ever seen by a live audience (unless, of course, you’ve seen us before…).

My own personal experience from conventions I have attended in the past, Super Art Fight always ranks as my number one favorite event of the show. And from what I understand the numbered events take the experience to a whole new level. Especially this event, Super Art Fight 8, as rapper MC FRONTALOT will be headlining the it. You definitely don’t want to miss this life changing event.

Official poster for Super Art Fight 8, done by Jamie Noguchi, after the fold. Admission is only $12 (All Ages), and tickets are available online at And for more information, don’t forget to check out

Super Art Fight 8 Poster


  • On halloween weekend they will also be at the MangaNEXT convention in NJ. :)

  • Thanks for the pimp, Steve!!! Are you going to be able to make it out to this one? I know it’s butt far.

    • I really wanted to. The wife was all set to visit with her relatives in Catonsville. But prior financial obligations trumped any chances I had of going. I still really want to go to one of the big shows. Definitely going to try really hard for 9 and/or X.

      • We’ll miss you, man. But it’s all good! We’ll have video or photos or some combination there of somewhere.

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