Something Cool that Happened… [ ARTICLE ]

I’m pretty sick right now and had a very taxing weekend. So instead of creating a comic, I wanted to tell you about and interesting story.

In a previous Dueling Analogs comic’s news post I mentioned that I am currently playing Mega Man Legends 64 and that I was looking to get Mega Man Legends 2. Well later on that day I received an email from a reader named Mike. In the email he said:

I was reading the comments on Dueling Analogs, Monday the 6th. I have a copy of ‘Mega Man Legends 2’ if you would like it. If you want to email me a PO box to send it to, I’d be more than happy to send it your way.

Now, I thought this was really cool. I sent Mike the address information, but I didn’t put too much stock in it. Label me jaded, but I was in the more cool if it happens but don’t expect to frame of mind. Well, I checked the PO Box this weekend and noticed I had a package waiting for me. To my joyful surprise it was from Mike and it was in fact Mega Man Legends 2. And Mike included the following note:


Sorry I don’t have a manual or a real case. But the game should work okay. If it does, its yours. I don’t play it anymore, and I would rather see it get played than sit on my shelf.


Which I thought was really cool of him to do. So I want to end this by saying thanks, Mike. I really appreciate it. And that The Misadventures of Tron Bonne is also another game in that series that I need to pick up. *hint hint*

I’ll be back on Thursday with a real comic before I leave for Otakon on Friday.


  • I have Tron Bonne here. Nah, just kidding.

    Pretty cool of the guy to do it

  • Ominous

    Here’s a bit of help on that game. On one of the islands, Manda Island with Pokte Village I think it is, there is a dungeon that has different enemies each time you enter and exit. Keep doing this until a Fake Treasure Enemy is waiting for you inside the very start of it. Somewhere in the dungeon you will find a giant gold bird robot that when killed, drops a whole lot of money. and to make it respawn just exit and re-enter the room.

    This is useful information that can sometimes be hard to find. It makes upgrading weapons and getting items a lot easier.

  • ChaosInuYasha

    @Ominous – There are a couple of guides on GameFAQs that mention the Golden Bird trick. Also Manda Island is the first island you go to in search of the 4 keys so getting all that money early is a good deal.

  • Vercalos

    I never played the game myself, last I knew, a friend of mine who ones a game store, Video Game Geeks, in Anaheim, CA had a copy of the game for sale.. I don’t see it on his site, though

  • gelugon2105

    Oh come on, please don’t spoil the game for Steve!

  • Hylian

    A used copy of Mega Man Legends 2 retails for roughly $32.07 according to

  • gravyflood

    Relax. Tips are not spoilers.

  • A.L.

    Ooo,that’s pretty awesome Steve ^.^.I had a friend who lives in Louisiana go out of her way and send me a spare memory card she had when I told her I lost mine.One of the single most awesome things I got from someone in ages because I too wasn’t expecting it even though she was pretty zealous about doing it.

  • @Hylian The average I saw on eBay was $50 USD.

    @A.L. Society has made us too jaded. Its both a blessing and a curse. Congrats on the memory card, though.

  • Time Sage

    I actually DO have a copy of Tronne bonne sitting around someplace. However I doubt it works…

  • @Time Sage Curse you Time Sage for getting my hopes up!

  • data

    I have The Misadventures of Tron Bonne, it wasn’t such a great game your not really missing anything. I’d love to play ml 1 because mine is busted magic scratches appear out of nowhere lol.

  • You get sick alot I’ve noticed, are you sure you’re eating your apples a day?

  • numb

    I F’ing love the Mega Man Legends games…. I just replayed them recently myself and they STILL rock.

  • mek

    I have tron bonne but wouldn’t trade it for all the ginger beer in Australia. It wasn’t a great game… in fact it was a bunch of glorified mini-games and a menu system that looked like something out of a bad dating sim with a girl who has an iron crotch and a bunch of yellow capped robots, but I loved it and I refuse to give it away.

  • Lord Shplane

    My MML 1 is scratched fo fuck and usually won’t load past the first dungeon. ;_;

  • Onipuck

    Viva la Tron Bonne!

    Down with the blandness that is Roll Casket!

  • @Merritt I’m eating better now. I’ve also been working a lot recently, too. Between my full-time job, my own company, the comic and various freelance projects I do roughly 80+ hours a week of work. It takes its toll after a while. And I usually only sleep 4-5 hours a night, too. I should be better now though.

  • A.L.

    @Steve-Thanks~That is true,though I should have had abit more faith about it then because I’ve known her for a few years now and one of the sweetest people I know online (keyword there and yeh I know what she looks like).Anyway,I’m a fan of the Mega Man Legends series as well,it has abit more of a story and character development than the others (unless you want to include Battle Network and StarForce since they have anime to go with them),and is abit more lighthearted.

  • darkninja555

    XD Yay for irony. I just found a Mega Man Legends 2 game while cleaning out my closet recently. It probably hasn’t even seen the light of day for quite a few years. My brother’s playing it now.

  • MattR

    I have a copy of it as well, unfortunately it got scratched to bejezzus. I’d love another Legends sequel to hit, but somehow i doubt it will. OTOH Tron Bonne is pretty popular…

  • Steve,

    I don’t know if you’ve been able to sit down and start playing it yet, what with being busy and all, but if you enjoyed Mega Man Legends, you’ll love the crap out of 2. It feels a lot longer than the previous game, and there’re enough side-quests in it to keep you preoccupied for a good chunk of time.

  • WayneR

    Steve, if you want to see how the MML2 instruction booklet looks please visit this MML fansite

    I still have my copies of MML and MML2 put up, but I love them too much to give to someone else. It’s great that there is someone that was willing to share it with you though. I would be surprised if you could find a copy of Tronne Bonne anywhere near USA. I loved that game too.