Something Cool that Happened… [ ARTICLE ]

I’m pretty sick right now and had a very taxing weekend. So instead of creating a comic, I wanted to tell you about and interesting story.

In a previous Dueling Analogs comic’s news post I mentioned that I am currently playing Mega Man Legends 64 and that I was looking to get Mega Man Legends 2. Well later on that day I received an email from a reader named Mike. In the email he said:

I was reading the comments on Dueling Analogs, Monday the 6th. I have a copy of ‘Mega Man Legends 2’ if you would like it. If you want to email me a PO box to send it to, I’d be more than happy to send it your way.

Now, I thought this was really cool. I sent Mike the address information, but I didn’t put too much stock in it. Label me jaded, but I was in the more cool if it happens but don’t expect to frame of mind. Well, I checked the PO Box this weekend and noticed I had a package waiting for me. To my joyful surprise it was from Mike and it was in fact Mega Man Legends 2. And Mike included the following note:


Sorry I don’t have a manual or a real case. But the game should work okay. If it does, its yours. I don’t play it anymore, and I would rather see it get played than sit on my shelf.


Which I thought was really cool of him to do. So I want to end this by saying thanks, Mike. I really appreciate it. And that The Misadventures of Tron Bonne is also another game in that series that I need to pick up. *hint hint*

I’ll be back on Thursday with a real comic before I leave for Otakon on Friday.