River City Ransom: Underground [ ARTICLE ]

In the past few weeks, I’ve mentioned two deserving KickStarter projects that are both are/going to be successfully funded. Unfortunately, there is another KickStarter who’s fate is not yet guaranteed: River City Ransom: Underground.

River City Ransom - CharactersPlethora of playable characters in River City Ransom: Underground

Conatus Creative worked hard to obtain the official license for a River City Ransom sequel and are now working equally as hard to obtain crowd sourced funding to create this product.

River City Ransom: Underground Fighting Concept Trailer

I’ll be honest, I am excited about this project and am already a backer as well. The concept of a “Super” NES, that they discuss in the KickStater video, is very similar to something that I, myself, discussed awhile back and think it would be awesome to see it explored as an entire game. Besides that, it’s River City Ransom! Who doesn’t need more River City Ransom in their lives?! Back this project!

River City Ransom: Underground

source: KickStarter