Position: Absolute the Ultimate Web Dev Action Movie [ ARTICLE ]

Through my Twitter account, fellow Twitterites and myself have created the ultimate web developer/action movie.

It’s called Position:Absolute. It’s about z-index, played by Sylvester Stallone, a web developer who gets fired for supporting other browsers besides IE. The villain of the story would be Strikethrough, played by Jeremy Irons, who stole z-index’s code, had him fired and forced the entire web department to only support IE. Strikethrough’s sidekick Scope Creep would be played by Jack Black. Mos Def would be the token #000000 guy, named mos:def;. And Alyson Hannigan would play the spunky love interest of the story named Fire Fox.

This is also open to be part of a trilogy with Position: Fixed being the second part where z-index has been commissioned by FBI to stop a bunch of IE hacks (z-index’s FBI agent point of contact with would be played by Samual L. Jackson) and the final chapter, Position: Relative, would be about z-index’s son having to clear his dad’s name after he is wrongfully imprisoned.

Also, all the web development transition scenes would look like the hacking scenes from Hackers.

“This summer, Stallone is going to paint the town #FF0000! Rated R for violence and pwnage.”

This is pure Action-Blockbuster-Gold. I just have to wait for Hollywood to come calling.