Playstation Wiimote Moves Me [ ARTICLE ]

I’m not here to talk about the Playstation 3’s foray into the area of motion controlled peripherals. I’m not here to debate whether their attempt is superior or inferior to that of their competitors. I’m not even here to joke on glowing ball thing on the top that reminds me of those bobbing antennas that you wore on your head as kids. No, I’m here to ask one question. Again, Sony? I had thought that with the exemplar showing of Playstation 2 that Sony had gotten out of the business of ripping Nintendo off, but I guess I was wrong.

The original Playstation a.k.a. PS1 and not the PSX (that was something completely different) had this controller. A controller that was done so well that Sony has basically cloned it and recloned it for the PS2 and PS3. The thing is, the controller is just a Super NES controller with handle thingies at the bottom.

Later this same Playstation controller (Now called a Dual Analog controller because it had two duel analogs sticks added to it, which is cool. I give credit where credit is due.) also had this vibration thing added to it and became the Dual Shock controller. Once again, the this vibration concept was a rip off from Nintendo and their rumble paks for the N64 controllers.

And now their new Playstation Move controllers are nothing more than blatant ripoffs of the Nintendo Wiimote and nunchuk. Sure they moved buttons around and made it a little different. For example, it’s black and the Wiimotes are white. And it also has that glowing ball thing on top that was specifically added there to say, “Hey, I’ve got a great idea! Let’s ripoff Nintendo, again.”

Seriously… It’s a ripoff and a blatant one at that too. But if you can’t see it, then I guess you can’t see that Avatar is really Disney’s Pocahontas either. I’m just saying.

source: Kotaku


  • Pyroka

    Not that I’m backing Sony, but it’s not totally a rip-off, how it works is different from the Wii, and it is supposedly very accurate (although the WiiMote is too now thanks to motion plus). The Wii showed what could be done with an alternative input method, and it’s not surprising that Sony (and to a lesser extent, Microsoft with Natal) are trying to emulate that on their platforms. Rant over, sorry, but I’m currently doing my dissertation on input methods for games (so feel the need to chime in on such arguments)

  • Thomas Reddock

    yeah, the only innovation that appears to be with this thing is that the nunchuck doesn’t have a wire. Usually I’d defend sony to near death, because I’ve enjoyed their consoles much more than the competitors, but it’s a little hard to defend Sony when they do this stuff.

    Oh, little tidbit, Nintendo are also releasing black Wiis now, and I think they come with black remotes.

  • Kyle

    So what if they’re ripping Nintendo off. Everything in the gaming world for the last 10 years (if not further) has been based on something else – if it works well, and suits your console why not do it?

    i’m looking forward to seeing the remote combined with the new 3D gaming coming to the PS3 this summer – it’s got a clear edge over Natal there!

  • Magnum

    While I agree that it is essentially the same thing as the Wii Remote, I don’t think that it really matters as long as the software is interesting and fun to play. Some of the announced software looks good, some not so much, but I’m taking a “wait and see” approach until they have something more than pre-Alpha footage to show.

  • p0D

    If you recall, Sony was originally contracted by Nintendo to produce a disc based add-on for the SNES. Nintendo scrapped the project and Sony’s progress was to become the original Playstation. Sony’s success is so deeply rooted in Nintendo that it would go against everything we’ve come to expect from them. In short, I say we sit back and quietly let Sony improve on technology that somebody else developed and tested. What are we really losing?

  • Mr.Moleman

    i think i’m the only one who thinks that the dual shock or however it is called now sucks hard. the d-pad is the worst ever (they changed that on the ps3 afaik) and the analog sticks are way to low positioned.

  • Neoparn

    Just wanted to point out that the N64, with it’s two analog sticks, was demoed before the duel analog controllers, and was also released ten months before Sony got their new controller out the door.

  • Brett

    Competition is good for consumers. It’s pushes prices down and forces innovation. They’re not “rip-offs”, it’s one-upsmanship, and it’s driven business and industry since the dawn of time. The Move will force Nintendo to release something better, forcing technology to move forward and putting better products in our hands. The alternative is a monopoly, and we all know how great those are for consumers. Why would you complain about this?

    Besides, the Move uses visual tracking through a camera, it’s not even the same technology.

  • Every ripoff you mention was a huge success for Sony, from a business perspective why shouldn’t they do it again? They are making a Wii HD and hopefully good games to support it, that’s what I am waiting for since I sold my Wii.

  • Sheppy

    Well, as much as I want to agree, isn’t WiiFit nothing more than a combination of EyeToy: Kinetic and Xavix’s Personal Trainer Scale program? Why yes, yes it is. In fact, isn’t a vast majority of the Nintendo Innovations coming from outside sources and even licensed technology? Yes, yes it is. In fact, don’t all companies rip off other companies and if this wasn’t the cycle, we’d be stuck in a never ending hell of things being new, but not fun? Yes, yes we would.

    And for the record….
    Video put out by Sony when they first showed off EyeToy in 2003. In other words, the question was never if Sony stole this from Nintendo, but why was this vaporware resurrected? I’d say the success of the Wii caused Sony to pull something out of mothballs, not create something new.

    Of course fanboys will be fanboys will be fanboys. Until this cycle is broken, anything announced will have 500,000 idiots declaring opinions while knowing roughly 1% of the story.

  • VinceWolftiger

    Yes Nintendo came out with these revolutionary stuff first…they were the ones that SAVED the video game industry. back in the 80’s. Yes they came up with the analog, yes they came up with the rumble, yes they came up with the hand held, yes they came up with the wireless, and yes they came up with the wiimote and nunchuk. They did all these things first and have been on top for each thing. Sony and Microsoft are thinking that if it worked for Nintendo it may work for them. Which it does and they are running with it in their own directions. And its totally legit. So as I see it, that is business if a business survives and its competitors are suffering they are gonna look at the surviving company and try to mimic it in their own ways.
    As expected in any business no matter what theme it is.

  • You’re are all saying pretty much the same thing. Sony, and Microsoft, lack innovation. Nintendo is the Apple of home consoles. Taking risks and trying new things. While their competitors play it save until it’s a sure bet. The problem is we’re in the fifth year of this console generation and the competition is just now implementing these ideas. While I don’t expect Sony or Microsoft to release, or at the very least announce, a successor to their current console anytime soon. I wouldn’t be surprised if we get a brand new Nintendo console in the next year or two. At that time the competition will be playing catch up again. At least on the creativity front.

  • Biff

    I can’t believe I’m wading into this, but the Playstation controller is ‘basically’ a snes controller? C’mon! They’re completely different! I suppose every system since the nes is copying them and their lightgun design, too. All the lightguns look like that one! And what’s this about Nintendo being more creative? How many Mario games have there been? Or Zelda? At least one every generation. I would hardly call that taking risks.
    I do agree with the above commment though, that Nintendo and Apple have a lot in common. Their fanboys are both slavishly loyal to the brand no matter what.

  • @Biff You’re kidding, right?

    The Super NES controller was revolutionary when it came out. The idea of adding buttons at the top and the four button layout was cutting edge. And has basically been copied by Nintendo’s competition ever since.

  • Brett

    There’s a difference between revolutionary and evolutionary. I’m sure if Nintendo hadn’t thought of it someone would have thought of putting buttons on top and tilting the face buttons 45 degrees. This isn’t rocket science.

    And it’s hardly fair to say Microsoft lacks innovation and doesn’t take risks. The Natal is very different than anything else out there. It combines a z-index camera with machine learning, and can recognize full body positions in 10-12 milliseconds. It also includes facial recognition and positioning. Show me a Nintendo or Sony device that does that.

  • @Brett Based on that idea everything is evolutionary as someone else would have thought of it inevitably. Wireless controllers, force feedback, CD/DVD/Blu-ray, touch screens, etc…

    You’re right, Project Natal is cutting edge. It’s taking the whole motion control/interactivity to a whole new level. But will it be used? A lot of the more plump gamers would probably avoid it as they wouldn’t be able to play that long. Plus, it does come off as more of a novelty item than a necessity.

  • Sheppy

    Ha, you can’t counter the argument so you mod the argument. Cute.

    I would reply with some facts but let’s just say a whole lot of people here have drunk the kool-aid and reason, nor facts, can dissuade them. Oh well.

  • I saw Avatar more of a blatant rip off of Dances with Wolves….
    I can forsee arguing that the early stuff is a rip off of the NES/SNES… but surely, isn’t basically ALL gaming just come from the SNES… you don’t go to a Giraffe and say it’s ripping off a horse? Or a Human and say we’re just copying Chimps? They all come from the same design, they’ve just evolved into their own thing…
    For example, Sony managed to get the rumble pack INSIDE the controller…. whilst keeping it small… whilst the N64 controller, I view, as one of the worst shaped controllers I’ve held… and I can imagine a big beefy rumble pack wont do much good.
    Sure this is an obvious rip off, although with more risk of TV smashing because at least the Nun-chuck is attached to the main remote… this one is connected by Infrared (I’d imagine) which can’t really take many Newtons of Force (0, the last time I checked)

    (I haven’t read any comments, but glancing at some, people may have already made the evolution crack thing, and that Theory only works if you aren’t Christian and believe in all that Hocus-pocus creationism milark (lol!))))))))))))))))))))(Lost count)

  • Also getting a quick read of one of Steve’s comments about how Nintendo are probably gonna release a new console soon and how Microsoft and Sony have only just jumped aboard this whole motion sensor thing (well, the second coming (If EyeToy was first (which Nintendo sort of copied, then so did Microsoft))), it could be because they realise it is literally a gimmick and relied on releasing an actual game instead of releasing Cooking Mama 1~9000 or other games which involve the same camp wrist flick.
    The reason Sony and Microsoft aren’t going to release a new console any time soon is because their current consoles are the pinacle in processing and stuff… The Wii kinda sucks compared to them. Sure you can go “But the Wii sold more nyeh nyeh nyeh” however, that’s because the Wii managed to get the glorious Cash cow of OLD FAT PEOPLE/YOUNG FAT AMERICAN(S) (Girls) who pay through the nose at this façade of fitness when they soon realise it can tell them they’re loosing weight whilst sitting down and eating cake, win for all?
    When you look at ACTUAL games on the Wii and Actual games on either the PS3 or the 360, surprisingly…. the PS3 and 360 have more… when you look at how many Cooking mama games or something like “Imagine: Baby sitter” on the PS3 or 360, I think you’ll find they don’t have any…. shockingly…. and you can’t say they aren’t child friendly, they are…. There are still a lot of child friendly games on the PS3 and 360 that aren’t complete dribble like 99% of the Wii content.
    That’s what Sony managed to rip off of Nintendo AND KEEP, good games. Microsoft then copied that from Sony and is also managing to keep it whilst Nintendo are just sitting in a jacoozee of money being crapped out by their two sluts “Touch Screen” and “Motion Sensitive” which already began to die out early on.
    For a whole week in my biology class people were talking about selling their Wiis, YET, no one mentioned anything about selling their PS3 or 360.
    I’m sorry if this is a big ol’ nerdgasm, but you can’t go saying that everything was ripped off from Nintendo when Nintendo sold their soul and basically the rights to that stuff to the devil and threw it all away for a magical TV breaking stick.
    This whole argument is pointless, throughout time things you use will be rip offs (and more successful ones) of other things, yet you seem to get by perfectly with them. Yes, this one is taking the piss… and even I could forsee this coming, but when you start bringing in pointless things that don’t have anything to do with the argument (like about 90% of what I’ve said) it gets kinda stupid.
    There’s no point in whining, something like this wont get anything changed, Sony and Microsoft aren’t going to suddenly go, “Shit mate…. we did do that, well… might as well start from scratch on the basic idea of a controller.” Surprisingly, that set-up of controller seems to ergonomically work…

  • @Chris Smedley Part of the reason Sony and Microsoft can’t release a new system is because they can’t afford to. They have invested too much money in their current console and have not recouped nowhere near enough to move on. Not going to throw even more money away.

    I love the way that people respond to these articles as if I’m a Nintendo fanboy. I’m not. Until recently, my Wii has just sat on the shelf collecting dust. I’m now playing a bunch of first party games that make it my main gaming console. Normally my 360 is my main gaming console, but not right now. When I finally get around to playing Final Fantasy XIII my PS3 will be my main gaming console. Until then, it’s merely my DVD/Blu-ray player.

    I do think that a lot of you have missed the point of this article. I’m not saying that Sony needs to reinvent the wheel. But if you’re going to copy someone, try a little harder to disguise it. Make it your own a little more. A little more than just a glowing ball on the top of the Wiimote would be a plus. Oh, and making it black too.

    Plus, hate Nintendo all you want. “They’re a sell out.” “They’re a company for kids and old people who don’t know better.” It doesn’t matter. The Wii could be hands down the worst gaming console ever, but if they’re profitable and making money that’s all that counts. Maybe not in the “Who’s Best” category of gaming, but definitely in the “How to successfully run a business.” Don’t forget of the three consoles, only Nintendo is an actual gaming company first. Sony is electronics and Microsoft is operating systems/productivity software.

  • Shep

    … Yeah but I think were missing a bigger point here, those controllers look like a weird dildo butt-plug combo pack. I’m not touching that.

  • @Shep Thank friggin’ God you said that. I was going to mention the whole butt plug thing when I first saw them, but opted for the bobble antennas. Thank you so very much.

  • Chaotica

    @Steve Napierski

    You may as well be asking the sun not to shine and the flowers not to bloom. The point is missed because they’re too busy grabbing reasons why the console they back is awesome and why other ones suck. Trying to make an argument about Sony being uncreative is poking a bear with a stick. The fanatics are just going to come down as hard as they can, whether the argument makes sense or not.

  • KitFisto

    You hit the nail on the head. You can’t blame Sony and MS getting into the motion biz, though. It worked gangbusters for Nintendo. But again, Nintendo innovates, Sony imitates (just look at Move’s PR shots next to Wii’s unveiling shots from its launch, virtually the same images. And GEE! Lets Launch it with a series of sports mini-games… that’s never been before!). Sure people are saying PS Move is going to be “way more” advance than Wii. And rightfully it should. Think about it they had 4 years to dissect Wii’s motion tech and “make it their own”, so the basically left Nintendo and its 50+ mil units be a test group. At least MS is disguising Natal as something “unique”. Bottom line, neither MS nor Sony would have gotten into the motion ring if it weren’t for Nintendo and Wii’s success. And if you tell me otherwise you’re in denial.

  • @Sheppy Everyone owes the legacy of motion controls to the Mattel Powerglove.

  • nlvldg

    Wasn’t Avatar a ripoff of Dances with Wolves….?
    Also NOBODY evr talks about how Xbox totally ripoff the Dreamcast controller, But everybody jumps on Sony for ripping off Nintendo. WTF?

  • Sheppy

    Okay, apologies. I saw the first post in my browser but then it disappeared later. I assumed it was modded, not really in some buffer waiting for the link to clear.

    Regardless, allow me to further this conversation. By basically commenting on this quote from above.

    “Don’t forget of the three consoles, only Nintendo is an actual gaming company first. Sony is electronics and Microsoft is operating systems/productivity software.”

    That, frankly, is a really narrow outlook. Nintendo is NOT a gaming company first. They are a company first. When N64 and Gamecube were out and not quite performing the way they wanted, Nintendos primary source of income was Yamauchi’s Love Hotel empire. And empire that only left when Yamauchi stepped down and took his primary income with him. Facing facts, Nintendo is entrenched in gaming because, frankly, that’s all they know. If Nintendo could design a CCG, print, and distribute it themselves to many, many retail partners, do you HONESTLY think Wizards would be the one making the Pokemon card game? If Nintendo COULD manufacture all the Mario Kart radio controlled toys, do you REALLY think Nyko would be the one sending that stuff to retailers around the world? Why doesn’t Nintendo do Nintendo Power anymore? Nintendo does what they do simply because their attempts to diversify have often been huge mistakes. Which sucks but in the end, it confirms that what Nintendo does, Nintendo does well. But if the games weren’t doing as good, if Famicom was overtaken by Megadrive, if the NES bombed so much it never left the New York region, do you REALLY think the Nintendo of today would be in their focus or would they have focused on the Love Hotels instead.

    The point above is simple. Nintendo is a company. They have no heart when it comes to what succeeds and what doesn’t. When a franchise underperforms, it goes away. When a mascot pushes many more copies, he REALLY gets around. Every decision Nintendo has made, they’ve been from a business standpoint. They have their loyal base that will at least let them cut close to even.

    That’s why I feel it’s rather unfair to point at Sony and Microsoft and say “they aren’t just games.” So? Mizagutchi is a musician first, game designer second and yet Lumines, Rez, Every Extend Extra, and Space Channel 5 were GREAT games. According to this logic, he had no place telling a bunch of artists at Sega to make his games. What a pompous jerk. And that’s where we’re at. Unless a company is 100% devoted gaming, then they aren’t worthy of being here? Despite the fact that these huge companies put together dedicated divisions that largely operate wholly outside of the parent companies influence, because another branch of that company made Memoirs of a Geisha, they aren’t allowed? Fine then. Just keep this in mind when you see how Nintendo’s money is invested. Because they DO own a whole lot of Japanese Real Estate as well as being primary stockholders in several manufacturing firms.

  • SilverNinja

    I don’t blame Sony for ripping of Nintendo. I mean, when you look at a DSi, it’s Nintendo’s attempt at stealing the PSP.

  • Ledi

    @nlvldg Urgh… I knew they were a ripoff simply because they were both big, clunky, and too heavy for my poor girly-hands (which is fine, since I’m a girl). Especially trying to play Sonic Adventure on the DC with a VMU for storing Chao and a VMU for actual game data stuck into the controllers… Microsoft didn’t win any points for making/copying a controller that caused my hands to seize up after playing for ten minutes. I bought Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 for the Gamecube when it was released simply so I could use a more ergonomic controller. And because I love Chao raising.

    Hi, feel free to go back on topic now. I’ll ramble over somewhere else. XD

  • The Anarchyz

    Look, the PSDildo is not a complete Wii ripoff, it’s more like a Wii ripoff + Eyetoy PS2 technology, both improved to make this… The reason for this i think is because Nintendo is a game innovation company, but they don’t always succeed with that (Virtual Boy anyone?) so i don’t blame Sony and MS to stay conservative and watch Ninty pulling the motion controlling off, imagine the 3 of them doing motion and the 3 failing… Someone has to succeed first, Ninty did it first, and now Sony and MS are doing it too, and if Sega was still making consoles, they would do it too…

    And Nintendo doesn’t always innovate, the CD idea didn’t occur to them, that was Sega and other companies before (and they didn’t even used the optical media until 2001, when Sony proved that the tech works and it sells, Ninty wanted to stay with cartridges and that costed them devs going away), online gaming is not from Ninty, it’s from PCs and the Dreamcast, then PS2 and then the Xbox, MS was the first one to do a decent online that worked well, and Ninty still has issues with that…

  • Kumori

    look dude, i agree that it is a rip-off, but look closely into what microsoft is doing and you’ll see the same shit. at least sony is keeping the dual shock 3 as the main controller this will just be an alternate choice for a very select few games. personally i’m annoyed by it, the wiimotes do nothing but piss me off. i’d rather not have to move the damn controller around just to make my character walk, i’d rather have a simple analog stick it works perfectly and allows for better immersion into the game. at least sony tried to be innovative with their console, the wii is a god damn gamecube with a special controller.