Playstation Wiimote Moves Me [ ARTICLE ]

I’m not here to talk about the Playstation 3’s foray into the area of motion controlled peripherals. I’m not here to debate whether their attempt is superior or inferior to that of their competitors. I’m not even here to joke on glowing ball thing on the top that reminds me of those bobbing antennas that you wore on your head as kids. No, I’m here to ask one question. Again, Sony? I had thought that with the exemplar showing of Playstation 2 that Sony had gotten out of the business of ripping Nintendo off, but I guess I was wrong.

The original Playstation a.k.a. PS1 and not the PSX (that was something completely different) had this controller. A controller that was done so well that Sony has basically cloned it and recloned it for the PS2 and PS3. The thing is, the controller is just a Super NES controller with handle thingies at the bottom.

Later this same Playstation controller (Now called a Dual Analog controller because it had two duel analogs sticks added to it, which is cool. I give credit where credit is due.) also had this vibration thing added to it and became the Dual Shock controller. Once again, the this vibration concept was a rip off from Nintendo and their rumble paks for the N64 controllers.

And now their new Playstation Move controllers are nothing more than blatant ripoffs of the Nintendo Wiimote and nunchuk. Sure they moved buttons around and made it a little different. For example, it’s black and the Wiimotes are white. And it also has that glowing ball thing on top that was specifically added there to say, “Hey, I’ve got a great idea! Let’s ripoff Nintendo, again.”

Seriously… It’s a ripoff and a blatant one at that too. But if you can’t see it, then I guess you can’t see that Avatar is really Disney’s Pocahontas either. I’m just saying.

source: Kotaku