Planned Intervention [ ARTICLE ]

Having been to a lot of conventions I can tell you that they can get old real fast. The people running around giggling and taking pictures of each other can really to get to you after awhile. That’s why I loved Intervention Con. I went to the first one last year and it was really a breath of fresh air.

Intervention, The Internet Culture Convention

Located in Rockville, Maryland Intervention Con is a celebration of internet culture featuring concerts, webcomics, movie screenings and loads more. My own personal highlights from last year were getting to hang out with tons of really cool webcomic folks and seeing not only a Super Art Fight but an after hours Super Art Fight featuring the artists drawing without having to assume there are children in the audience. It was pretty gross but I may have never laughed harder.

The con was located near some cool places to eat and hang out (including a place where I had a French Dip sandwich with waffles for bread). But if you are going to venture outside the con I recommend the Original Pancake House, where you can get coconut chocolate chip pancakes with extra thick and salty bacon and fresh squeezed orange juice. Yummy.

Best of all, it’s a convention that allows you to breathe. You can enjoy the company of other nerdy adults without having to squeeze past some guy with a nine foot styrofoam sword just to get to the bathroom. And with a sponsor like Think Geek, you know it’s gonna be fun.


  • JackVanElraton

    Did you get to meet Pete Abrams of “Sluggy Freelance”?

  • Thanks for the kinds words! We do our best to really bring it! :D

  • cybergeek

    If you haven’t tried OPH’s blueberry syrup (on ANYTHING AT ALL EVER), you have not yet lived. Also, their pancakes are literally melt-in-your-mouth delicious. I barely had to chew, they were that good – even with nothing but butter and the aforementioned blueberry syrup.

    Eleven thumbs up.

  • peekaboo78

    I wrote this, by the way. But Steve concurs.