OUYA Think So, Eh? [ ARTICLE ]

First and foremost, I am a console gamer. I enjoy sitting in my living room, relaxing on the couch and playing games on my television. So when I learned about OUYA, I knew I wanted to own one.

What is OUYA, you say? OUYA (pronouced OOO-yah) is a brand new gaming console that will be powered by Android. Not exactly an Android port, but a system built on Android. So a lot of programmers who are already familiar with this platform will have no problem creating games for it. It will also be cheaper platform for game development as there will be no licensing fees, retail fees, or publishing fees associated with it. Sounds pretty good to me.

Now there is a Kickstarter project running for it until August 9th to get funding for it. As of writing this post, said project was already over 500% funded, so that’s definitely not an issue. For a pledge of $99 or higher, you can obtain one of these consoles around March next year when they are estimated to ship and that’s pretty much my main reason for mentioning it here.

While $99 for a brand new console is a very tempting offer, I also want to get as much support for this console from day one. My hope is that a lot of the type of games that I loved from yesteryear, that aren’t considered marketable anymore, can find a new place to live in my living room when overhead costs aren’t so high and that developers will be willing to take more chances on brand new titles for the same reason as well.

Am I certain that the OUYA will be a success? Nope. Do I think it’s worth taking a chance that it is? Most definitely. I’ve already pledged my $129 towards the system: that’s $99 for the system and an extra $30 for a second controller. I recommend you do that same.

source: Kickstarter


  • BigLord

    Hmm… actually, about the OUYA, this is pretty much my opinion:

    Be careful there, don’t get TOO excited about it :/

  • Halrawk

    I’ve wanted to back this for awhile, the only reason I haven’t is I’m not sure which reward I want!

  • JackVanElraton

    I heard that Minecraft is going to be released on Ouya.

  • Triaxx2

    I’m rather curious to see what it comes up with. I mean, most of the android based games I know of are designed for phones. And touch screen ones. Those sorts of ports don’t really work, so you’d have to design entirely new ones. Even if anyone can design games, can there be enough at launch to justify spending it? Or is it going to end up just another system that uses a powerful operating system, but does no good except as a slightly less powerful computer?

  • Zing

    I assume you have already read this? I see that not everyone commenting here has since people mistakenly believe that Minecraft is coming to the console.


  • Annales

    The Pandora is a far better system in my opinion: http://www.openpandora.org/

    However there has been delays on the delivery, i’ve been waiting for mine over 2 years now. :P

  • Dias

    If you care that much about playing games on your TV, then just hook your computer up to one.

    • Not the same. Most computer games are design to be used with a keyboard and I’m not looking for an emulator. I’m looking for a console/controller/television combo.

      • Palmer

        Plenty of PC games can be played with gamepads as it is. I’ve had a 360 controller hooked to my PC for 4 years now, play plenty of non-emulator games that way.

        Unfortunately, I seriously think you’re out your $129. You’re buying into the hype and possibilities, not anything concrete. If people want a cheap and open platform for game development, with no licensing fees, retail fees, or publishing fees, they already have it, and have for decades. It’s called “The PC”.
        Amusingly enough, this part alone is easy enough to prove false, as they’ve made clear that they are limiting access to publish to the system on THEIR terms (“Everything must have a free to play element”), which undoubtedly means their own market system, and their own fees for using said market in order to enforce these terms.

        Penny Arcade Report is right about this. It’s going nowhere… assuming it even materializes. Or has everyone forgotten the last “amazing super cheap anything goes!” console, the beloved Phantom?

        • Certain games, yes. But it’s not the same as designing for a platform that natively uses this type of input device. There are console games out there that use the mouse, as well. But it’s not what you go there looking for. Besides, a lot of that games that you can use the controllers for on the PC are not necessarily designed to use that interface. It’s more of an afterthought.

          Hype or not the people behind it are a little more reputable than the crew behind the Phantom. Besides, the Phantom never had this many investors, as much publicity, nor as transparent of a development process.

          Penny Arcade, well… Ben Kuchera wrote that article. Nothing against Ben, but maybe if Robert Khoo would have written it I might have put more stock in it. Just seems easier to see then negatives than the positives.

          If I’m wrong, I’m out $129 for something I felt passionate about. If I’m right, I’m at the starting gate for something I’m excited for. Maybe I’m just getting less cynical in my old age.

          • Shahab

            Pretty crappy to call out Ben Kuchera publicly like that.

  • Phaelin

    Sounds like the OnLive system. And it is doing so well.

  • Sixclaws

    Gamers are a strange crowd. The Wii U is a going to be a very capable machine that could play games at 1080p with an allegedly better graphics quality than the PS3 and the Xbox360 and yet gamers can’t stop the parade of feces-flingin’ about it.

    The Ouya at best is going to be a gamecube with HD streaming minus the games that made you want to buy a gamecube and yet gamers can’t stop worshipping it as the second coming of Jebus.

    • Galstaff

      To be fair, the Wii-U is being released so far after the ps3/360 that if the specs weren’t better it would just be terrible. It will eventually be competing with the ps4 and the next xbox (720?). Additionally, they are turning the controller into a tablet, which people may not like.