OUYA Think So, Eh? [ ARTICLE ]

First and foremost, I am a console gamer. I enjoy sitting in my living room, relaxing on the couch and playing games on my television. So when I learned about OUYA, I knew I wanted to own one.

What is OUYA, you say? OUYA (pronouced OOO-yah) is a brand new gaming console that will be powered by Android. Not exactly an Android port, but a system built on Android. So a lot of programmers who are already familiar with this platform will have no problem creating games for it. It will also be cheaper platform for game development as there will be no licensing fees, retail fees, or publishing fees associated with it. Sounds pretty good to me.

Now there is a Kickstarter project running for it until August 9th to get funding for it. As of writing this post, said project was already over 500% funded, so that’s definitely not an issue. For a pledge of $99 or higher, you can obtain one of these consoles around March next year when they are estimated to ship and that’s pretty much my main reason for mentioning it here.

While $99 for a brand new console is a very tempting offer, I also want to get as much support for this console from day one. My hope is that a lot of the type of games that I loved from yesteryear, that aren’t considered marketable anymore, can find a new place to live in my living room when overhead costs aren’t so high and that developers will be willing to take more chances on brand new titles for the same reason as well.

Am I certain that the OUYA will be a success? Nope. Do I think it’s worth taking a chance that it is? Most definitely. I’ve already pledged my $129 towards the system: that’s $99 for the system and an extra $30 for a second controller. I recommend you do that same.

source: Kickstarter