Otakon 2009 Recap [ ARTICLE ]

Minus the computer problems in getting my badge and the bureaucratic hassle of getting my table in the artist colony, this was hands down my best experience at Otakon ever.

First off, I stayed at the Hyatt Regency Baltimore and that was great. You can go between the hotel and convention center via a walkway, so you never actually have to go to the street level. This makes life easier for people like me who are not comfortable in leaving merchandise behind the table and wheel it back to the hotel room every night. And the staff at the hotel was so wonderful and nice. In fact I had such a great experience at the hotel that I already reserved my room for next year’s Otakon — July 30th – August 1st, 2010.

I didn’t premiere any new merchandise at this year’s convention. Did quite well nonetheless. I’m planning on taking a queue from Shawn and moving to the dealer’s room next year. By then BigBoomBomb.com should have five posters, a few brand new shirts, and some stuff that I can’t talk about right now either. Plus, the foot traffic you get in there is off the hook. And the place closes up at 8pm instead of midnight.

Closing up at midnight leads me to my next topic — other webcomics. Normally, I get a chance to hang out with other webcomic people at the conventions. But Otakon’s artist colony days are long. And it makes sense to stay behind your table ’til the end because of high possibility of sales (granted I left each night at 10pm). So it didn’t leave much chance for hanging out with other webcomics. So instead let me give you the run down of who I talked to while I was there (odds are I will leave someone out, but if I didn’t this would be a first):

Ananth – AppleGeeks, Johnny Wander
Barb & Chris – Fragile Gravity
Brian – Geist Panik
Brion – Flipside
Dern – Dear Pirate, Hello With Cheese
Garth – Comedity, Finder’s Keepers
Jen – Mystic Revolution
Jim – Morlock Enterprises
Kevin & Blondie – Caf-Fiends
Kilika – Blue and Blond
Mike – Darkstar Studios
Mookie – Dominic Deegan: Oracle For Hire
Nick & Marty – Art Fight High School
Otter – A Girl and Her Fed
Phil – Matriculated, Another Video Game Webcomic
Ross – The System
Shawn – Staccato, HALOLZ

And to the best of my knowledge those were the webcomic people that I talked to… emphasis on talked.

In less than two weeks I’m heading to ConnectiCon, should be fun. Will be in the dealer’s room there and that place is definitely a more social gathering from webcomic folks. And that’s about it… Oh, right. I should probably thank Rich and Peek for helping me with the table at Otakon and every other convention that I attend. Probably should, probably should.

Well, until next year!