Minecraft Home Calculator [ ARTICLE ]

Since it’s Minecraft, you can expect your calculated home to have much thinker walls and much less interior space… Oh! And creepers too. But let’s me honest, there’s more than enough creepers in real life already or is that creepsters? Whatever…

source: Movoto


  • Kal

    I don’t think it works

    To build your
    1 sqft, 2 story
    House it would take: 107
    Minecraft blocks
    92 Stone blocks
    13 Wood blocks
    2 Glass blocks

    • Yue

      It seems to be limited to 63+ sqft as the lowest , anything under will give you the exact same result.

  • frostedWarlock

    To build your
    999,999 sqft, 100,000 story
    House it would take: 4,800,011
    Minecraft blocks
    4,799,996 Stone blocks
    13 Wood blocks
    2 Glass blocks

    This seems inaccurate.

    • Shep

      apparently a 0 sqft house with 0 stories takes 2 blocks, two glass blocks, why? and where do they go?

      • Triaxx2

        The basement. Obviously.

  • ThisIsNotDan

    I once recreated the room where I worked IT in Minecraft, only I did it on a 1 foot = 1 meter (the length of one block) so I could get better detail. It came out pretty good! Too dark, though–using light blocks for the ceiling lights wasn’t sufficient to light the floor.