Mega Man Legends 3 Cancelled…But There’s Hope [ ARTICLE ]

On Monday, Capcom announced the cancellation of Mega Man Legends 3 [1]. Needless to say, fans of the series are not pleased. Personally, I wasn’t planning on getting a Nintendo 3DS until Mega Man Legends 3 came out. That was the selling point for me.

So no Mega Man Legends 3, right? Well…Right now there’s a new Facebook community called 100,000 Strong for Bringing Back Mega Man Legends 3 [2] that is working to garner enough likes to send a clear message to Capcom that people do want Mega Man Legends 3.

That being said, if you have a Facebook account then you are only two clicks away from showing your support – One to get there and one to “Like it”…Unless you’re not already logged in then it’s a little more difficult, but not much.


  • Phaelin

    Thanks for sharing this, Steve! It’s outrageous that Capcom cancelled it, and I look forward to seeing a ton of people join the group. I love the video as well, it really sums up how we all felt about the cancellation.

    Rumor also has it that “Mega Man” fans are being turned away at the Capcom Comic-Con booth. This includes one Tron-clad individual that was passing by. Huh.

  • 123

    :C *sigh*

  • Brok3n Halo

    Only thing is that’s basically an online petition, I don’t think one of those has ever been successful. What you really need is some sort “Send stuff to Capcom” campaign, those have the best press coverage and chances of working, like Jericho for example. Empty soda cans maybe? That would be pretty awesome actually, I’d donate to a Kickstarter project for that.

    • I agree. But Facebook and being able to attach to a person and not just a signature carries a lot more weight. Think about it, if this does work Capcom would probably grab all the names of the people who liked it and promote towards them.

  • flammablehippie

    Hm. now i wanna play the old playstation games. any body know of a decent emulator that can run on vista? xD

  • Lain_Coulbert

    Have you seen the Euro Capcom Twitter Steve? It’s debatable but I think there are a lot of Capcom employees that are just as sad/mad about the recent trend of dropping games just because they won’t make more then $4million.