Life Imitating Art? [ ARTICLE ]

I saw this image on Dorkly today. So? Well, in case you forgot I created this comic back in July of last year.

Now, you may be asking if I think the reason why this image exists is because of my comic? Normally, I would say no. The internet is a vast web of content and every gaming idea, especially Pokémon related ones, has pretty much already been explored. Right? Well, if you look in the comment section of said comic you will see people claiming to have already seen the PokéBra a.k.a Pokémon Bra before. Heck, you can even see my own comments saying I didn’t doubt that was a possibility. But the thing was, when I did this comic I Googled “pokémon bra”, “pokébra” and “pokéball bra” just to make sure that another comic hadn’t already done the same idea. You know what I found? Nada. Not one single image of a pokéball bra. Try doing the same thing now and you get a cornucopia of related content. And as far as I can tell, all this new content’s creation date is after my original comic was released.

Do I think I originated the pokéball bra concept? Probably not. But I do think it’s a strong possibility that these newer photos and images of the pokéball bra were inspired by my original comic. You know… I kinda want to say, “Yes.”


  • Pablo618

    When I saw this picture the other day I instantly though of you!! well, if you did invent the pokebra, we are all thankful

  • Jason

    I’ll take anything as an excuse for showing off the ta-tas.

    Gotta catch ’em… both?

  • Hoodoo

    You should see my pokeball testicle sheaths. Patent pending.

    • blackdragon

      No homo, but I would like to see that.

  • Scott Hall

    I want to punch that chick in the face; I hate the duckface more than anything in this world.

  • odderz

    I saw a pic similar to this a couple of months ago.

    Still far after I saw your comic however…

  • Jetstream

    That’s a whole lot of porno on that search page, my friend.

    Whole lot of porno. Just sayin’

    • That means you’re not Googling under moderate or strict. For shame!

  • hepuntedbaxter