Help Leisure Suit Larry Rise Again [ ARTICLE ]

Al Lowe, the creator of Leisure Suit Larry, and Replay Games, a company founded by Sierra On-Line veterans, have teamed up together to recreate the original Leisure Suit Larry a.k.a. Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards for a new generation of gamers.

Now recreating, or even creating, games costs money. But instead of going through a big name publisher, this aforementioned team have launched a Kickstarter project in order to obtain the necessary funding. The funding campaign is running for a month and there’s still 21 days left in the project, but it is already 52% funded. Not bad when you consider they are asking for $500,000 to complete.

So if you’re interested in helping to resurrect the Leisure Suit Larry franchise while disavowing those the two most recent games that Al Lowe had nothing to do with, I recommend helping this project out. And if you have any additional questions that aren’t answered in the video above, they do their best to answer your questions and concerns on the Kickstarter pages itself.

source: Kickstarter


  • Daniel

    The problem as I see it that its “only” a remake so far, and then I can’t really see how asking for 500 000 make sense when Double Fine originally asked for 400 000 for a completely new game?

  • I pledged $100 on the first day. :)

  • Sixclaws

    Angry Feminists flooding kickstarter with demands to take it down in 3.. 2.. 1..

  • Nomotos

    If Corey and Lori Ann Cole remade the Quest for Glory series for PC/iPad I would donate a hundred a month, just to get those games working for the new age and bug free, best Action/Adventure games ever. That Sierra-Online as a wasteland was pretty true, and it’s pretty sad, all those old teams for Leisure Suit Larry, QFG, Kings Quest, Police Quest, Space Quest. They were all pretty awesome in their own way.

    QFG even had previous game character importing 18 years before Mass Effect.
    And you could become a completely new class that was only available to those that imported. The awesome paladin, your sword would catch fire when you unsheathed it, so cool.

  • TheyCallMeTomu

    I was pretty happy with the Leisure Suit Larry VGA redo. I mean, how many times can you remake a point and click adventure game?

    • OldAdventureGamer83

      As Al said in the video, they have (a) earn Codemasters trust to develop new software for the license, and (b)They need to get the funding to develop a new game. LSL 7 cost 1.7 million dollars – and that was in 1997! Also, this isn’t just a remake. Al Lowe said in an interview with the web show ‘Game On!’ that they literally have to start from scratch; Sierra’s archive was “flushed” – it’s gone. literally. So this will be fresh animation. fresh backgrounds, all new ink & paint, fresh music(well, except for the classic theme!). They literally are starting with the bones; and that’s it.

  • If this remake is a success, there will be more Larry-games. Replay Games are also trying to get rights for the other Quest-games, and Scott Murphy has said that he wants to join as well, if that is the case.

    Support the old Sierra-team!

    (Jane Jensen, mother of Gabriel Knight, is also on Kickstarter

  • Scott Murphy = game designer of Space Quest