Final Fantasy VII Remake Would Take 10x Longer than XIII [ ARTICLE ]

Yoichi Wada, CEO of Square-Enix, tweeted that a Final Fantasy VII remake would take a ridiculously longer amount of time to finish developing than Final Fantasy XIII.

Yoichi Wada:

We get this question all the time from lots of countries. At this level of quality it took us 3-4 years to finish FF13, but if we were to finish a FF7 remake at the same level of quality it would take 10 times as long, so it’s a difficult issue and not just something we could start at any time.

However, with the request being so frequent it’s something we keep to heart.

If he might have said twice as long, I could have given him a free pass. But 10 times as long!? That’s 30-40 years. The video game industry itself is barely that old. But then again I need to take into consideration that Yoichi Wada are completely different people. After all, I’m not the CEO of Square-Enix and he’s full of shit.