Final Fantasy VII Remake Would Take 10x Longer than XIII [ ARTICLE ]

Yoichi Wada, CEO of Square-Enix, tweeted that a Final Fantasy VII remake would take a ridiculously longer amount of time to finish developing than Final Fantasy XIII.

Yoichi Wada:

We get this question all the time from lots of countries. At this level of quality it took us 3-4 years to finish FF13, but if we were to finish a FF7 remake at the same level of quality it would take 10 times as long, so it’s a difficult issue and not just something we could start at any time.

However, with the request being so frequent it’s something we keep to heart.

If he might have said twice as long, I could have given him a free pass. But 10 times as long!? That’s 30-40 years. The video game industry itself is barely that old. But then again I need to take into consideration that Yoichi Wada are completely different people. After all, I’m not the CEO of Square-Enix and he’s full of shit.


  • Erik

    Yeah, would take a lonnnnng time, because EVERYTHING would need to be remade, from the characters to the weapons to the cutscenes. Most people i talked about with about this, thinks it’s just like changing the clothes.

    • I know there would be a lot of work going into the remake. Yes, every detail of it, minus the story, would have to be redone. I call shenanigans on saying it would take 10 times as long as Final Fantasy XIII to develop. If that’s the case, just freelance it out to Bioware to finish.

  • 3 to 4 years? And the finished product isn’t even all that great? Hmmm….

  • The Borzoi

    The reason it would take so long is because it’s a more open world. If they were to cut the world map and make it more linear then they could make it in less time.

    I think Final Fantasy VII is the most overrated of them all and is no-where near as good as so many people make it out to be, although I do think it is a great game and I would love a remake.

  • Pie

    duke nukem forever, i’m looking at you

  • They should make FF6 in Next-Gen graphics. That, would be epic win.

  • MarthKoopa

    Seriously? It’s not hard to copy an existing game and give it better graphics.

    • Tim

      HAHAHAHA !

      I just LOVE people who talk without knowing.

  • Cloud Strife

    I find it humorous that there is little faith among the masses these days in Square-Enix’s ability to craft a story/game experience next to it’s “golden years” counterparts. I would be willing to bet that if a poll was taken regarding their next project, eight out of ten people would rather they focus on a FFVI/FFVII remake versus a brand new story. That’s an extremely troublesome outlook for a company who prides itself in its storytelling and experiences.

    Although, a FFVII remake would be awesome, but I would expect more than just a visual/technical upgrade. It’s not like the film industry rehashes a story from the seventies JUST so they can bring it out of technicolor. Perhaps many years down the line they are now able to visually tell it as it was originally meant to be. Look at George Lucas deciding to start with A New Hope. Though, I still consider Star Wars a trilogy. I think the Gov’t used episodes one through three in their water-boarding torture techniques. Anyway, it wouldn’t upset me if they retold the story from a different point of view or angle, because I think we’d be selling ourselves short if we only asked for more eye candy. I’m sure they could craft an experience all its own given the technological enhancements available today. But again, the foundation for any RPG worth it’s salt is it’s ability to tell a story. People don’t seem to have a lot of confidence in Square-Enix these days to do so. I still think their best work to date is the story they told in the PS1 version of Final Fantasy Tactics. To me, THAT set the bar. As far as stories go, Final Fantasy IV – IX don’t disappoint as well.

  • It could become the new Duke Nukem thingy….

  • They brought this up when FFX-2 was released and people complained then so this is far from being just old news now.

    Final Fantasy 7 was not actually that massive. The world map itself took a lot out of the game’s disc and inevitably made it 3 discs long. Notice how in today’s world we don’t have a world map quite like in FFVII or VIII or IX? Everything has been simplified down (Just look at the actual distances from the various locations in Assassin’s Creed).
    I also strongly dislike the story as it really wasn’t that amazing (I won’t get into it here). Gameplay was also about as average amongst the Squeenix standards now. It set the standard for Squeenix in terms of gameplay, which I can at least say is true.

    If anything it’s going to take them 5 years to actually make and perfect, but what I really think is its because maybe they themselves are not prepared to face any sort of lashing from the world because “they did this or that wrong”

  • Jofarin

    Well, that would not be 30-40 years, but 3-4 years with 10 times bigger team. Every AAA game needs 2-4 years to produce (excluding duke nukem forever) and its visual quality is just related to its team numbers (multiplied with the skill of the team)…

    • Not to nitpick here, but 10 times as long does not mean 10 times the staff. If you tell a client something will take a week to finish and then come back at tell him it will take ten times as long as week to finish, that doesn’t mean you’re upping the staff to complete the project.

      Besides, you can’t always have different people working on the same part of a project. It becomes counter productive after a certain point. And from my experience, ten times the staff on any project is counter productive unless they’re extras for a crowd scene. And then it’s still open for debate.

  • Ryan W.

    It absolutely would not take 10 times as long, seeing as they could merely use an existing engine (it would NOT be done from the ground up). sure, creating the new models and textures would have to be done, but it’s not like they would be starting from scratch (plus the map/overword would not need to be remotely as detailed as the cities/dungeons themselves, seeing as how zoomed out it is).

  • The possibility of a Final Fantasy VII remake is still open for debate. What Yoshinori Kitase recently said as stated above is the worst case scenario. Kitase previously said that the coveted remake would take about 12 to 16 years to make. The best case scenario is five to ten years. Final Fantasy VII has a world map.