Dropped, Shopped and Three Joking Bastards [ ARTICLE ]

Kirby's Arrow v1
Around a month ago, Bob’s House of Videogames displayed an image that was originally displayed on Halolz two and a half years ago. Now rather than giving credit to the source, they merely dropped the same exact text over the image with their url covering up Halolz’. This lead to Shawn, Mike and myself participating in one of the coolest chopfests around the ‘hood. Located after the bump are all the images in the thread including an animated gif that shows all the versions in one.

Kirby's Arrow v2Bob’s House of Videogames’ Mod
Kirby's Arrow v3A New Challenger: Steve Napierski
Kirby's Arrow v4A New Challenger: Shawn handyside
Kirby's Arrow v5A New Challenger: Mike Hall
Kirby's Arrow v6Steve Strikes Back!
Kirby's Arrow v7Shawn Throws the Winning Blow…

And last but not least, an animated version of all the shops one on top of each other:

See this is why you follow people on Twitter. For cool random stuff that you normally wouldn’t see… except for this time where I reposted it here. But we’re not making a habit out of this.


  • Laughed my heart out :lol: that was hilarious! Instead of getting angry over “stealing”, you made fun of them and the result was a LOT better!

  • Ah, I remember our squabble with Bob’s House of Video Games… turns out the guy didn’t know they were from Halolz. It was just some douchebag users who covered up the watermark. Kinda funny, because as seen in the top-right corner of the picture here:
    They can’t even effectively black out a watermark on a demotivator.

    S’all right, though. If I remember correctly, Bob (whose name is actually Ben) treated Shawn to dinner and apologized, then came on the forums and apologized to us users.

  • Manic

    Bob’s House of Video Games is just a very bad site, they have the occasional post that makes me laugh or catches my interest, but it’s mostly very mundane.

    • Lones

      I agree, I went to go check it out… and I literally stared for 5 seconds and continued back to Halolz.