ConnectiCon 2009 Recap [ ARTICLE ]

As always, ConnectiCon (kə-nĕt’ĭ-kŏn) treated us awesomely. Matt and George made life easy and I think the layout of the program turned out well. During the weekend I was either working at the table or hanging out with various webcomic people. The working part was just that, sitting at the table working. So here are the people I got to talk to and hang out during the other parts (I hope I didn’t leave anyone out)…

Ansem Retort – Ben was a pleasure to bump into throughout the con. He’s even working on a secret sprite project for me. Shushhhhh…
AppleGeeks – Ananth was a pleasure to talk to as always. Finally, got to talk to Hawk ever so briefly… A nice chap nonetheless.
Art Fight High School – Marty was a pleasure to talk to as always. Nick was awesome to have as as a partner against Lar and Alina in Super Art Fight. They are definitely on to something with Super Art Fight. I will be adding a new post just about that later on this week. You guys are awesome.
Atomic Robo – I friggin’ love this comic.
Blue and Blond – Kilika was pleasant as ever. Glad he got his guinea pig back.
Bored and Evil – Not sure if this falls under only Rich or both Rich and Peek, but nonetheless the guys from Bored and Evil were there. These cons would be so much more difficult to do if they couldn’t go with me. Thanks as always.
Boy on a Stick and Slither – Got a chance to talk to Steven and complain about his noisy neighbors. Nice guy.
Caf-Fiends – Kevin and Blondie were there. We talked a little. It was a nice little talk. And they’re nice to talk to too.
Chugworth Academy – Talked to Jamal Joseph Jr. a couple times at the con. Learned some interesting stuff about Chugworth Academy and how his life is going. Really nice guy.
CommissionedThe Obsidian a.k.a. O from Commissioned actually made it to ConnectiCon this year, all the way from Columbia (the country). Really nice guy and he was friggin’ awesome in Super Art Fight, too.
Crooked Gremlins – Had dinner with Paul and Carter this weekend. Really nice guys who actually get a lot of the more obscure jokes I make. That’s always a plus.
Ctrl + Alt + Del – Got a chance to talk to Tim, ever so briefly, after his panel was over and before my instructional panel began. He thinks I should be doing a Dueling Analogs panel at the cons. Personally, I still think I’m too small but he and a bunch of other webcomic people said otherwise. So maybe next year…
Dear Pirate – Dern is awesome. Always have a good time when he’s around. Looking forward to seeing him again at SPX.
Dominic Deegan – Mookie still holds the title of the nicest webcomic person I have ever met. Even though I disappointed him during the webcomic auction when he had to read off some of the more offensive stuff from my posters.
Enjuhneer – Jenny came to my panel and was very sweet. Hell, even read through the entire Dueling Analogs archives this weekend. That shows both dedication and sadism.
Finder’s Keepers – Barely got a chance to see Garth. Usually we get a chance to talk a little longer. Nice as always. Maybe we’ll both be at Nekocon in the fall.
HALOLZ – Shawn, a pleasure as always. Thanks for the booth design, lady!
Geist Panik – A convention is not a convention without the antics of Brian Wilson. Nice grab!
GU Comics – One minute Woody was there and the next minute he was gone. Not even sure if we really did talk or not. Just kidding. He had the family with him, so I didn’t want to bother him too much.
Joe Loves Crappy Movies – Saw a lot of Joe and Irv this weekend as they crashed with us at the hotel room. Great guys and a lot of fun to hang out with as well. Irv and I pron bonded. After recanting the events of the weekend, the wife asked if we could up-trade Rich and Peek for them. Still working on that.
Johnny Wander – Yuko, the better half of Johnny Wander, was awesome in Super Art Fight. Such a nice person to be around. Though she needs to draw herself cuter though.
Least I Could Do – Ryan and Lar are a powerhouse. Finally, got a chance to talk to Ryan face to face and learn some interesting stuff about the Looking for Group movie. And Lar was awesome during Super Art Fight. It was an honor to lose to him.
Morlock Enterprises – Jim was at Otakon and Nelly was at ConnectiCon. Nothing personal against Jim, but Nelly is a lot more pleasing to the eyes. Sorry, Jim.
Mystic Revolution – Jen and Brion were directly to the left of us at the con. Always a pleasure to talk see and talk to at the cons.
Questionable Content – Willing to bet that Jeph forgot he even talked to me. Not a problem. Give me a few months and I think he’ll remember me… *hint* *hint*
The Slackerz – They were there. They showed up late, I left early and out paths never crossed. Better luck next year.
SNAFU – Dave did an awesome job on the shirts and was a fun guy to talk to as always. Even though we wore the same shirt on Saturday. Awkward…
The System – Ross Nover = Awesome. Nuff said, bub.
Three Panel Soul – Ian and Matt from Three Panel Soul and MacHall were right next to me at the con. Though truth be told, my conversations with Jes were the best part. Such a lovely person to talk to and she also legitimately reads Dueling Analogs as well. So very cool!
VG Cats – I’ve been doing conventions for years now and this was the first time that Scott and I’s paths ever crossed. Nice guy, but I wish I had more time to talk.
Weregeek – Alina was the other half of the competition in Super Art Fight. She rocks. Helped me turn Doctor Manhattan into a vampire and make Valdemorte *sparkle* during the competition.

Oh, I also rode in an elevator with Kris Straub and Brad Guigar.

Look for another post this week about Super Art Fight. It was just that friggin’ awesome it deservs its own post.