Brand New Site Design is 2.0 at 4.0 [ ARTICLE ]

I finally moved Dueling Analogs from my heavily modified version of Walrus over to WordPress and a less heavily modified version of Comicpress, but drastically modified template design.

Personally, I’ve been working on this design for months now. Not so much the design aspect as the coding aspect of the process. The old Dueling Analogs site had a lot of SEO (search engine optimization) content on it that made it more accessible to search engine spiders to crawl. WordPress was a whole different beast, so I had to either find or rewrite a lot of the old and new functionality that I wanted on the site to have. Also, being on WordPress it will be much easier for people to comment on the comic and blog entries. This is a might wind up being a doubled-edged sword, but I think it will work out much better in the long run.

Also, the forum is back up. It’s no longer at “”, but “”. The site is set to automatically redirect you to it, but just in case you wanted to update your bookmarks you can.

So, as I said the new, version 4.0 technically, site design is up. It’s blue or as I like to call it “bluebastic”. And now, I sleep… figuratively, not literally.


  • Christian M

    Don’t you mean a double-‘edged’ sword? I do like the new site design!

  • It’s corrected. Though a doubled-ended sword would probably suck as well.

  • Wow… the site looks great. Sweet redesign. Congrats on having an even smoother looking site than you already did.

  • jwc

    Too much blue. White on blue text is hard to read. I like the header at the top (Home, Archive etc.). Still, too many things on this page that are uncomfortable to the eye, like the diagonal-lined bars.

  • Looks great, nice work! :D

  • I actually just switched from joomla to wordpress with comicpress, and I haven’t looked back since.

    Thank you, the infernet.