Beards Turn Laziness into Awesomeness [ ARTICLE ]

HilariAwesome, an online store that provides things that are hilarious and/or awesome, is running a pre-order for their hilariously awesome beard shirt. Inspired by this comic the design was a joint collaborative between The System‘s creator, Ross Nover, and with one of the co-creators of Hello With Cheese, Bryan Prindiville. Definitely a cool t-shirt design to own which also has an additional secondary function built in. It reminds me that I need to shave.


  • You are so awesome for posting that. Also you should grow a beard again.

  • @Rosscott I’ve tried to grow a beard. I can do the whole goatee thing, but a beard is a no go. It never fills in above the jaw bone.

  • KitFisto

    That slogan is the reason I grew a beard as well. Laziness. Awesome shirt too btw.