Almost Done… [ ARTICLE ]

Sorry for the recent delays. I’ve been performing a major overhaul on the site design for Dueling Analogs. Right now its about 85% complete. But the parts that are missing either weren’t there or will replace the previous versions that are still current.

I’m almost done with the main comic page, the archive section is finish and so are the forums (which I think look really friggin’ sweet). On the other hand the contact page, extras (formerly catchall), links, site map (new), advertising (new) and FAQ (new) are still unfinished. These pages will be finished in the coming week. I just wanted to get the new site up as soon as possible. So I can get back to doing what I was supposed to be doing… creating new comics.

Until the main page is finished, look for new updates on my Twitter page. And thanks for all your patience.